Lindsay Carrie (lindzopia) wrote in michigan_drugs,
Lindsay Carrie

Anger Management Tour 3 - DETROIT

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a pair of tickets to the Anger Management Tour 3, with Eminem, G-Unit, and 50 Cent at Comerica Park (in Detroit...)

They are Mezzanine seats, section 217, row 5, seats 12 and 13.
Seating Chart

I'm willing to sell them for $75 each, but if I get a better offer I'm raising my price - so be quick about it. It's a little cheaper than ticketmaster with their service charges and such, so you are getting a little bit of a deal.

The concert is on Friday August 12th at 7:00.

If you're interested (or know anyone interested...) comment on my journal or you reach me though AIM at Levulose est ego. We can arrange stuff then.

(Sorry if you see this a few times, I have cross-posted.)
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