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\What's shakin' ? I'm KiTdY.. or you can call me Jessicka.

Get to talk to some more people around me. That's awesome. Well this weekend I'm looking to have a really good, fuck that the best fucking time ever. Depending on what people are doing Wednesday. I'm going to be trippin'. heh heh heh

Happy Happy Times... YaY. Otherwise I'll wait till Saturday when I know I'll be around people.

But ever want to chat or whatever.. drop me a line. always up for some fun times.....

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Deleted comment

hey I don't know if your trying to be mean or not but lets please try to keep the love in this comunity.

The Renaebow.

P.S. heroin sucks... belive me i'm done with that shit!
Yeah I heard that your doing better Renaebow. You probably don't know who this is.. but I do know you...

And how am I trying to be mean?? I don't think anything I said was mean at all.... ::confused::

I was talking to the heroin comment about being mean... hmm you know me??? not verry many people know me so now you have me wondering????
Well I think I can spell MY name however I please. And yeah I won't be doing heroin anytime soon, due to the fact that i seen my really good friend of 7 years almost die right infront of me. I don't think so. What's happy for you isn't going to be what is happy for me..

I got my sunshine and that's all I need :)
hope your weekend was fun.
I didn't see the comment before yours when I replied. Thanks Renaebow. :) smiles smiles

Well my fun weekend isn't going to be starting till Saturday. I'm not sure if I'm going to sneak some fun in tonight. Everyone has work tomorrow. And seems like there isn't anyone that can stay up later then me... besides LewDa.. but I probably won't see him till the weekend.
lol I didn't see this comment before I posted mine. hmm... you know Lewda..... hmmm well I havn't seen him in a long time seance I have been out of the drug scene... well again I wish you a fun fun fun weekend.

<33 The Renaebow