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Percocet. yeah.

i got completely shitfaced sunday night. it was my cousin Andy's nineteenth, and we had about a pound, quite a few fifths, tons of pills, and a lot of beer.

We started the night by having Andy drink a ten ounce shot of straight Jim Beam. twenty minutes later he was screaming and stumbling. i popped a percocet ten and was taking pulls off of southern comfort. we smoked a blunt, a shitload of two paper fatties, and snorted some oxycodone.

Eventually everyone at the party started playing mario bros. 3 for the original nintendo, and we ended up whupping ass on that game.

anyway, just figured id update the community, since this place is about drugs and whatnot.

oh yeah... one more thing. since we're all from michigan, how many of you are Juggalos? id raise my hand, but nobody can see it.
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