liz Z y b3ar (noxtricious_) wrote in michigan_drugs,
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I just joined..
My name is Liz.. I'm 16. I live in Royal Oak, MI (duh)
I love dxm, marijuana & acid.
I want to try ecstacy, shrooms & heroin. The only reason I haven't yet is because noone around here can get any good stuff.. And if I am going to try anything I want to know that it isin't anything shitty..
I like techno/trance/house/acid some ICP, twiztid, etc. Marilyn manson, NIN, murderdolls, scissor sisters, the postal service.. yeah.. lol
I hate emo & country.
If anyone wants to talk, IM me at..
AIM: Juggalette x0
YIM: Hatchetxbaby

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