liz Z y b3ar (noxtricious_) wrote in michigan_drugs,
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I just joined..
My name is Liz.. I'm 16. I live in Royal Oak, MI (duh)
I love dxm, marijuana & acid.
I want to try ecstacy, shrooms & heroin. The only reason I haven't yet is because noone around here can get any good stuff.. And if I am going to try anything I want to know that it isin't anything shitty..
I like techno/trance/house/acid some ICP, twiztid, etc. Marilyn manson, NIN, murderdolls, scissor sisters, the postal service.. yeah.. lol
I hate emo & country.
If anyone wants to talk, IM me at..
AIM: Juggalette x0
YIM: Hatchetxbaby

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hun i think your alttle to much impressinabale to be in this community you seem alittle young
I like your icon
Well welcome. how the hell did you get acid?
I also wanted to tell you about esctasy. you never really know whats in it so You'll never know if your getting something shitty until you take it.
you did acid before shrooms? wow.

well, try x and shrooms, i dont know about smack. if i were in your shoes, id just snort it first before i shot it.

dex is over rated though. i got bored with that shit after my third robo trip. havent touched the stuff since my freshman year of high school.

ever try coke or crack?
I envy those that have Cid. *tears from me*

windowlicker is the best song ever. and you like the postal service but don't like emo...? sorry to break it to you but listen to the lyrics...defiantely an emo pair. :)