Freek (aenimate) wrote in michigan_drugs,

Whats up kids

Hey, hows it hangin... Im rob... I live in the U.P.

Anybody from Michigan can tell you that it's boring as hell up here. Most people think we're part of lake superior or Wisconsin.

Anyway, I like smokin dank. (who doesnt?) takin shrooms, snortin valium, k-pins, smokin salvia, and whatnot. Gotta grow your own up here. Unfortunately, im faaaaaar to lazy to go to the store and get soil, even though i have good seeds. I could spend that money on weed instead. I know, i know, itll pay off more in the end, but that means moving now, and that's not a good idea.

Anyway, i draw shit, so you might see some shit i drew, cuz i feel like torturing your retinas. And i write stories and shit.

Shit I wrote, mostly while high

Thats all... just sayin hi.

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