It was Lauren, in the dining room, with the vase. (acidburn96) wrote in michigan_drugs,
It was Lauren, in the dining room, with the vase.

Greeting from Flushing!

Hello everyone! I have returned with a entry where I am actually fucked up! Tonite is the first ngiht I have every snorted anything and it is amazing. It wasn't cocaine which I really wanna try now. My friend and I broke up and Vicodin and snorted it. We also bought some hydro pot and it is fuckin amazing. I love Vicodin so fucking much. It just so amazing. And snorting it was a really good idea cause it got into our systems faster. I feel fuckin amazing.Well, I'm off to join the party.
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vicodins rock my socks!!! cocaine is bad.. havn't done it yet don't try! illies are better anyways and when you sniff those its always a good time! yes but now I must be getting back to the party my self. got two hot boys waiting for me ::winks:: have a fun night/day.. whatever the fuck it is