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Yummy Yummy

Alright, I gotta say, I probably have no right to be in this community... Ive been clean from drugs for about 2 1/2 yrs now... but i was into xtc, lsd, and blow... i miss it sometimes, but it was fucking hell getting clean...

ANYWAYS!!! blah blah blah... i prefer to get myself fucking wasted! whenever possible. Im not going to say how old i am, cuz believe it or not, people like to give me shit about it even still. ill get to the point..

So, me and my best friend are both leaving MI... Im heading off to NYC, and shes going to FL... I need to have a huge-ass blowout party. i know i can get some awesome bands to play, but my problem is finding a place. I live in small-ass holton, and i dont want it here.. i want it somewhere kind of secluded with no chance of cops (at least for a while, haha) but still somewhere where i know i can produce a nice crowd.

So, anyone think they can help me out?
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